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NucleusCare™ Launches Seness™, the Simplest and Most Powerful Communication Technology for Seniors, Hospital Patients and the Disabled Community

NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NucleusCare, a medtech company focused on developing thoughtful telehealth technology, announced the launch of their communication tablet, Seness. Seness is designed to address the needs of those requiring extended care in the home care, senior living, assisted living, hospital, developmentally disabled communities and seniors aging at home. With 2020’s global shutdowns, NucleusCare saw the need for their technology not as a luxury, rather a necessity for the most vulnerable.

With the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, family members were separated from isolated loved ones who were hospitalized for the first time in recent history. This created an urgent need to enable patients and loved ones to connect virtually. Seness bridged this gap by providing constant, simple contact between hospitalized patients and family members. With the help of Seness tablets, healthcare workers were protected from exposure to infected patients while still communicating effectively via video. Additionally, family members were able to monitor and communicate with nursing staff, resulting in patients directly attributing their recovery to this sole, lifesaving connection.

“We are a team dedicated to our mission of helping people,” says Avi Rosman, President & CEO “We have an amazing opportunity to distribute Seness tablets all over the world and keep communications constant, in a post-pandemic world.”

In November of 2020, NucleusCare engaged award-winning NYC digital agency, Eff Creative Group to brand and launch the new and improved product, Seness. Together, the companies executed a bold vision of providing a unified website and marketing strategy that is focused around key verticals that the product targets.

“While there are other competitive products in the market, Seness is a device dedicated to the simplicity and unique needs of our target audiences which include seniors, hospitalized patients and the IDD (Intellectual & Developmentally Disabled) community.” says Benny Wolfson, Chief Operating Officer.

The rapid acceptance of Seness into hospitals and assisted living facilities intrigued a NYC-based family office that makes highly selective investments in unique technology companies to infuse a significant capital investment into the company in early 2021. This investment spearheaded the production of a retail consumer product, to provide access to Seness technology for at-home use.

“It’s rewarding to know that the decisions we make for our technology will make an impact in people’s lives who really need it.” says Meir Sela, Chief Technology Officer.

NucleusCare technology also offers a free app for iOS and Android devices. Family members and Seness users have peace of mind with the ability to seamlessly connect through the app at any time, providing a sense of comfort, a sense of support and a sense of security from Seness.

About NucleusCare:

NucleusCare was founded in 2013 as a consumer technology company focused on building a wireless video intercom system. Backed by leading venture capitalists and major corporations (including Amazon and Foxconn), it launched a cutting-edge product in 2016 that sold over 30,000 units in its first few months. As customers began using the product, it was clear that the most important use case was for families taking care of vulnerable relatives. In 2017, the company decided to focus exclusively on building a product for those in the senior living, assisted living and home care healthcare segments. With a shortage of available caregivers, the vulnerable population and their families expect technology to fill that gap. NucleusCare has responded to this demand by thoughtfully designing products exclusively to help care for this underserved market.

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